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Welcome to Benefit Plumbing, Arkansas' finest plumbing services company.  We understand exactly how frustrating a broken sewer line or a water heater leak can be.  Let us assure you that you have come to the right place to unload your frustration and hand it over to us.  Our professional plumbers are highly trained and know exactly how to properly assess and fix your issue the first time.  It does not matter what your need is; a drainage pipe repair, trenchless sewer repair, gas leak repair and any repair in between, our team at Benefit Plumbing is skilled at what we do.  It is our promise to strive to be the best plumbing company in the Fort Smith, AR area.  So, put those feet up and give your local plumbers at Benefit Plumbing a call.

We proudly offer in home plumbing services to the Fort Smith, Van Buren and Greenwood Arkansas areas.


Why choose us?  The answer to this question seems obvious to us and to our repeat customers.  However, we do realize that if you are a first time customer, you should rightfully want to make sure you have absolutely chosen the right plumber.  After all, we are talking about your investment, your property, your home.  Whoever you choose to fix your leaky faucet or do your shower drain installation must be qualified to perform those plumbing services.  So, let us do our best to convince you that the service at Benefit Plumbing is second to none.  We have created a list of must-haves when choosing a local plumbing company and how our company excels at meeting those prerequisites.

  • Trust
  • Experience
  • Service
  • Price
  • Cleanliness

We are a trusted plumbing services company

This is not a self-labeled identity but is grounded in our repeat customer base and years of providing quality sewer repair and pvc pipe repair.  At Benefit Plumbing, we esteem integrity and require every employee does the same.  From the moment we walk onto your property to the moment we leave, there will be nothing less than ultimate professionalism and reliability.  Only the highest skilled technicians perform plumbing service repairs and are all prescreened prior to onboarding.  We know that your trust is something that does not come easily, but it is something that we aspire to keep.  Our commitment is to do whatever it takes to earn and keep your trust, all you have to do is allow us the opportunity to prove it to you.
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We are experienced Fort Smith Plumbers

We believe that trust and experience goes hand in hand.  Without the experience in dealing with not only drain cleaning but all other pipe repair services, the requested repair will fail and trust is lost.  At Benefit Plumbing we are just not willing to take the risk of losing our customer’s trust.  That is why all of our technicians go through rigorous hands on training that enhances their understanding of standard plumbing solutions but conforms to our standards of quality plumbing services.  Additionally, every one of our master technicians are certified plumbers with years of experience under their belts.  Because as you know, you can learn only so much from the books, the rest is taught in the school of hard knocks.

We are an excellent Fort Smith plumbing service

We offer a wide range of services that are there to fit the needs of our customers.  Technology and methods change and sometimes change is good and sometimes it is not.  We must be careful to select only the industry’s best plumbing equipment and repair methods.  Subjecting our customers to the latest and greatest is not what we are being paid to do.  As a customer, you depend on a plumbing service provider to use what has been tested and proven to unclog drains or repair water pipelines.  At Benefit Plumbing, our plumbing services are handpicked based off of our area’s customer needs analysis.  You can be confident that no matter what kind of repair or service you need, our professional plumbers are here for you.  Feel free to roam around our service pages for more information on how we can help you.

We are an affordable Fort Smith plumbing company

Affordability can be somewhat subjective and with all of the plumbing repair companies advertising their cheap plumbing repair costs it can also be elusive.  While it is important to shop around for the best value, beware of plumbing companies that claim low cost plumbing but lack the quality to back it up.  Ultimately, going with a company like that carries the risk of spending more money on plumbing repair down the line.  At Benefits Plumbing, we do not advertise cheap plumbing costs because we do not have to.  We do offer affordable plumbing repair but our reputation and quality speaks for itself.  Choosing our company is like getting premium gas for your car but not paying premium gas prices.  Our approach is highlighting the reputation that sets us apart than conforming to the status quo of plumbing services.

By now you have read through the reasons we believe justifies us as the best plumbing company in and around Fort Smith, Arkansas.  Have we convinced you?  We are here to help,  give one of our friendly staff members a call today to set up an appointment.  We hope to meet you and service your plumbing soon!

bathroom lavy faucet installed in fort smith by benefit plumbing
kitchen drain flowing again after having a drain cleaner snake the drains
fixed shower after benefit plumbing showed to fix the bathroom plumbin
a new bathroom lavy faucet in Fort Smith installed by Benefit Plumbing

Our Advanced Plumbing Services

Each one of our services is backed by our customer pledge to provide outstanding quality plumbing repair and installation for residential and commercial properties alike.  Come and take a quick dive down the pipeline of our advanced services:

With our general plumbing services, we provide plumbing repair that all of our customers of the Fort Smith, Van Buren and Greenwood, Arkansas areas can depend on.  Our teams of exceptional technicians are there when you need us most for your entire clogged toilet, pipe cracks, leaking water heaters, leaky faucets and broken fitting repair needs.

Underneath your valuable property are sewer lines that have the potential of busting, especially with older homes or commercial properties.  Sewer pipe replacement can be a costly repair, but with our trenchless technology methods those high cost sewer repairs can be avoided.

Gas leaks are a seriously dangerous problem residential and commercial locations can be faced with. In the event you suspect a leaky gas line give us a call immediately.  We provide emergency plumbing repair services for instances such as gas line repair and other catastrophic plumbing repair needs.
Sometimes more complicated rooter services require advanced technology to get to the root cause of the problem.  That is why Benefit Plumbing offers the finest in video pipe inspection services using the best in class video pipeline equipment so that we can make sure to speedily repair your pipes.

The water that runs from your indoor plumbing flows into sewer lines underneath your property.  Sometimes these lines get clogged and require cleaning. In this instance, we provide exceptional sewer drain cleaning.  A sign of a sewer line clog is drains gurgling, raw sewage, or water coming up and into your home or commercial property.  By observing the early warning signals and giving us a call immediately, our super technicians will promptly address all of your sewer drain needs.

For an effective and deep clean solution to a clogged sewer line, we also offer high pressure hydro jetting services.  Hydro jetting uses plain water under pressure to blast through debris that can clog your sewer lines like roots, mud, sand, gravel, buildups of fat, oil and grease and other debris.  A hydro jetting service also scours your line clean, removing any deposits that could contribute to your line becoming clogged or blocked.  This service is fast, environmentally friendly and very effective.

Water heater repair and installation is one of our specialties.  We know that you are dependent on your water heater and can provide service to and installation for all conventional and tank-less water heaters.  Our experience is crucial when it comes to properly repairing, maintaining and installing your residential or commercial water heater.

Whether you need new fixtures to spruce up your newly renovated bathroom or you need to correct plumbing code violations within your home or commercial property, Benefit Plumbing is the place to call.  We offer remodeling plumbing services that will fit your schedule and budget.

Your residential and household plumbing repair needs do not have to break the bank or cause you strife.  We work hard to make sure you maintain a well-functioning plumbing system at all times.  No matter how large or small your issue is Benefit Plumbing welcomes the opportunity to provide excellent plumbing services to the Fort Smith, Van Buren and Greenwood, Arkansas areas.  So no matter if you need general plumbing repairs or emergency sewer drain repairs, our trained technicians are available and ready to provide professional plumbing services If you suspect an issue with your drain pipe or need piping for your next remodeling project, call Benefit Plumbing where quality meets affordability.