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Best Sewer Drain Cleaning Services in Fort Smith

Benefit Plumbing offers comprehensive sewer drain cleaning using state of the art technology and proven techniques.  A sewer drain cleaning is a good thing to do as a maintenance task but can be necessary if a sewer system problem occurs.  Typically, a sewer problem is a blockage caused by cholesterol like FOG (fat, oil, and grease) buildup in your pipeline or foreign debris.  Our company takes pride in offering dependable sewer drain cleaning so that our customers can enjoy the preventative cost saving measures it provides.  You can trust that Benefit Plumbing is out for your best plumbing interests.  Give us a call anytime to schedule a sewer drain cleaning appointment.

Sewer Drain Cleaning Methods

When our professional plumbing technicians come out to your residential or commercial property, they will assess your needs and determine which cleaning method is recommended.  Two methods are primarily used to clean your sewer drain; mechanical method and a water jetting method.  You may be familiar with the mechanical method of sewer cleaning which utilizes an auger snake device.  The water jetting method is recognized in the plumbing industry as the more effective method which utilizes a machine with advanced water jetting capabilities.

The mechanical method is often a quick fix, requiring us to insert the snake into your drain and bore out the obstruction which allows your plumbing to resume regular function.  While this method is fine for debris blockages, issues arising from FOG buildups are more appropriately cleaned using a water jetting machine.

The water jetting method is a more powerful and complete clean for your sewer line or pipe, blasting away obstructions and scouring away FOG buildups from the walls of your pipe.  This method has quickly become the industry standard using high-pressure water pump technology that rushes water into your lines or pipes.  This valuable piece of equipment is used to affect a fast and complete clean of your sewer line without causing damage.

Quick Preventative Advice

One thing you can do to reduce sewer drain blockage is to install drain strainers into your entire sink and shower drains.  Drain strainers are a cheap and effective way to prevent hair and other large particulates from entering your drain system.  This ultimately will reduce the buildup which will result in clearer sewer drain pipes.  By taking this simple preventative measure, you will not only save money in future sewer line repairs but you will also protect your property value.

Benefit Plumbing is a contractor with years of experience in sewer and drain cleaning service in the Ft. Smith, Van Buren and Greenwood communities, and we stand ready to help you with all of your plumbing needs.  We have become a trusted local plumbing company.  If you have not scheduled a sewer cleaning appointment yet, just give us a call us today for a hassle free consultation!

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