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Gas Line Repair Fort Smith

Gas Leak Detection Repair in Fort Smith

Natural gas provides our homes with conveniences like cooking and heating.  While gas lines have their benefits, they also can be very dangerous.  A gas leak is a serious safety hazard and requires immediate attention if you suspect a leaky gas pipe.  That is why at Benefit Plumbing, we offer emergency natural gas leak detector services and repairs.  Finding an existing leak is a top priority and our technicians have received specialized training to detect and fix all residential and commercial natural gas leaks.

What to do if you suspect a gas leak

Gas leaks can happen inside or outside of your property.  If you smell the sulfur-like stench of natural gas, remove yourself and your loved ones from the property speedily and call your gas service provider to report the leak first.  Then call Benefit Plumbing to schedule an emergency gas leak service.  We will quickly arrive and assess the issue providing and administering immediate gas line repairs as needed.  It is important that you never attempt to locate a gas leak.  While we do not doubt your ability to fix things emergency gas line repairs require a highly trained plumbing professional to safely detect and repair a leaky gas pipe.  Don’t risk injury to yourself or family, call the expert plumbers at Benefit Plumbing!

Quality Gas Repair Services

When it comes to gas safety and quality gas line repairs, we don’t play around.  Your family’s safety is our number one priority when it comes to working on your home’s gas systems.  We also want to ensure that if your systems need to be inspected by another party (such as an energy provider) that they only need to make one trip because we did it right the first time.  This guarantees that no time is wasted on anyone’s part, so everyone wins. You can trust Benefit Plumbing with your gas line needs.

Ensuring that your gas line is in good working order is important for your household in many ways.  Your oven, water heater, gas dryer and possibly your home’s heating system can all rely on your natural gas system.  When these systems affect your ability to cook, wash your clothes (and your kids), dry your clothes and stay warm, you can see just how much reliance there is on natural gas in the home.

Staying Safe

Other than identifying the tell-tale smell of a gas leak, here are a few others things you can do to keep your family safe when using natural gas:

  • Make sure that any room which is heated by a gas heater of any kind is properly ventilated
  • Never, ever heat your home with your gas stove or oven
  • Inspect your gas water heater for any possible leaks, which you can do with a spray bottle containing a soapy water solution and spraying it on your lines to see if bubbles appear
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors in multiple area of your home, a natural bi-product of natural gas use that can be dangerous to your family
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