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Plumbing Tips

Plumbing Tips for Fort Smith

Here are some helpful DIY plumbing tips that will help keep your pipes and drains flowing properly.

Tip #1 – How to fix a leaky bathroom faucet – You know that faucet, the one that continuously drips and drips in your Aunt Nelly’s house or maybe even in your own home?  It is the faucet with the constant rhythmic noise that somehow manages to get louder at night, yeah that one!  It is not ok to live your life with a leaky faucet whether it is a leaky kitchen faucet or a leaky bathroom faucet.  It is time to get that leaky faucet fixed and we will tell you how.  But first, let us tell you why.  Having a leaky faucet may cause you to pay a higher water bill depending on how bad the leak is and it is just plain annoying.  Now let’s move on to the how-to which is really easy. Just simply replace the rubber washer located at the open end of the faucet then unscrew the cover and replace the rubber washer.  Voila!  If that doesn’t work it might be time to replace your faucet.  At Benefit Plumbing we are the ultimate faucet fixing specialist so give us a call!

Tip #2 – Garbage disposal maintenance tips – We have all done it.  After cleaning the kitchen we turn on the garbage disposal and hear that horrible crunching noise.  Immediately we turn the disposal off and desperately feel around to consider the damage. Garbage disposals are a great thing but don’t forget they require some TLC to last years of wear and tear.

You probably wash your dishes with hot water as you should to effectively cut grease and disinfect.  But before you run your garbage disposal, turn the faucet to cold water and THEN turn on your garbage disposal.  This will harden the grease, allowing it to flow down your drain pipe instead of sticking to the insides of your PVC.  This will not only maintain your disposal but will prevent clogged kitchen drains.

With all the food waste that is disposed of in your garbage disposal, it can get pretty nasty down there.  You can remedy this by cleaning your disposal regularly by simply dropping some ice cubes mixed with salt into it and turning the disposal on.  This will help loosen any buildup from the blades allowing optimal shredding performance.

Tip #3 – Laundry plumbing maintenance tips – Once we hook up that trusty washer it is rare that people think any further about the plumbing system that pushes water in and receives waste water out the other side after your washing is done.  If you live in a location where there is a lot of new construction or renovations taking place, it is advisable that you check the washer fill screen.  It is sometimes possible for water with debris to flow up through the laundry plumbing.  The fill screen is located at the back of the washing machine where the hose connects.  Using pliers remove the mesh and clean out any particles, then reinstall the mesh and reconnect the hoses.  Viola!  If debris was found and removed, your washing machine should now fill up faster than it did before.  Also, keep in mind that washers are used more in the winter than any other time (especially with children in the home).  Stick around the home and inspect those pipes often to keep from having to hire a plumber to fix that leaky pipe.