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Video Sewer Inspection

Video Inspection Services in Fort Smith

A common problem with pipes of all kinds is the possibility of them becoming clogged or blocked.  With the advent of miniaturized technology, the need for destructive and invasive digging to discover the source of a problematic pipe or line is much less than it was 20 years ago.

A much easier and inexpensive modern marvel is the plumbing line fiber-optic camera, which can locate the source of a blocked line.  This allows Benefit Plumbing to use the best methods to remove the source of the problem and simultaneously taking a look at any other possible trouble areas.

This tiny fiber-optic camera is snaked through your plumbing or sewer line, which allows us to complete a thorough inspection of your pipes.  This helps us to evaluate your pipe’s condition as well as finding the source of a problem, allowing us to determine if the age of your system might suggest a replacement to avoid future issues.

What We Can Show You

The video taken is recorded, allowing us to share our findings with you and review what needs to take place to solve the problem.  Some of the things a fiber-optic video inspection can discover include:

  • Pipe joints that may be leaking but as yet undetected
  • Deterioration of your pipes or lines due to age or corrosion
  • Blockage caused by build ups of FOG (fat, oil and grease) or trapped debris
  • Root penetration of your lines or pipes
  • Cracking of your sewer service, which is the pipe that connects your plumbing to the sewer main
  • A belly in your sewer line, which is effectively a drooping or sag in a section of your pipe that can cause a serious issue
  • A separated lateral joint

Fiber-optic video inspection of your line or pipe is a key element of trenchless repair, allowing us to effect repairs to your systems without the need for excessive digging and disruption to your property.
As valued customers, we want to make sure you are provided the best in class sewer inspection services.  That is why we are equipped to provide technologies like video plumbing inspections. You can be sure that our tech savvy plumbing experts will review and determine the exact course of action that addresses your plumbing problem.

You can avoid some blockages by taking care with what goes down your toilets and drains.  Avoid flushing the following items:  plastic items of all kinds, personal hygiene products like tampons, facial tissues, paper towels, baby wipes or “flushable” hygiene wipes, cardboard of any kind and gravel.  These preventive measures can save time and money in the long run.

To discover the source of your plumbing troubles without the mess and disruption caused by trench digging, give the experts at Benefit Plumbing a call.  Our pipe line cameras are state of the art and a great resource to get your plumbing moving again!

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Picture of Benefit Plumbing doing a video inspection on a sewer drain in a Fort Smith residence